Intra Blocks  

INTRA BLOCK is a steam-cured mix of pulverized sand or fuel ash, cement, lime,  and an aeration agent. The high-pressure steam-curing in autoclaves achieves a physically and chemically stable product with an average density being approx.  one forth of normal concrete.

INTRA BLOCK comprises myriads of tiny non-connecting air bubbles which give INTRA BLOCK its incredibly diverse qualities and make it such a terrific insulator.  It is a revolutionary material that offers a unique combination of strength, low weight, thermal insulation, sound absorption, unsurpassed fire resistance and unprecedented build ability.

NTRA BLOCK for modern efficient buildings is  superior to conventional masonry  in virtually every way.

INTRA BLOCK  in its chemical and physical properties has  durability characteristics  similar to normal concrete or stone with a workability better than wood.

INTRA BLOCK is a natural and non-toxic construction material, saves energy, and is friendly  to your environment.


  • large size, however light weight
  • light weight = saves foundation cost, helps the mason,high load-bearing strength
  • high durability = long life, impervious to rot or pest
  • dimensional accuracy
  • high economy ,easy handling, rapid construction
  • best thermal insulation, 6 - 10 times better than regular dense concrete
  • unsurpassed fire-resistance = life, property and insurance cost saver
  • excellent sound absorption, ideal for the hospitality industry
  • good workability, better than wood (can be sawn, drilled, nailed, milled at site
  • hurricane and earthquake resistance
  • complete unsusceptibility to termites, not rotting (contrary to timber)


Suitable for all kinds of building constructions such as residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings, hotels, schools and hospitals, etc. in all climatic conditions. For walls of all kinds such as external walls, internal walls, loadbearing or non loadbearing, infill walls to framed structures, party walls, fire break walls, cavity and single leaf walls as well as for renovation of old buildings (due to light weight). Laying Laying with common mortar or thin-set glue mortar, plastered or unplastered as decoration.

Laying in 1 - 2 mm (approx. 1/16'') thin-set glue mortar results in a dramatic reduction of bedding mortar and reduction of on-site handling and mixing.

Cutting at site: Blocks can easily and accurately be cut with a simple tools.


1 Size 600 mm x 200 mm x 75-300 mm
2 Precision size Variation 1mm(+/-)
3 Compressive strength 35-40 kg/cm2 (as per IS : 2185)
4 Dry density 500-600 kg/m3 (oven dry)
5 Fire resistance 2-6 hours depending on thickness
6 Sound Reduction Index (dB) 45 dB for 200 mm thick wall
7 Thermal conductivity 0.16 (k) w/m deg.C
8 Colour availability Greyish white

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